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This page is organized by 1) Local BMW info 2) General BMW info 3) 7 Series Model Specific links.




We use BimmerBoard’s Dallas Forum to post updates of DFW7 event and local information. Link http://www.bimmerboard.com/forums/dallasbmw/.

Local Indy Shops and Dealership recommended by DFW7 members (ranked by # of recommendations).

Euro Connection – (214) 369-8600, 11107 N Central Expressway,  Dallas, TX 75243.  Many DFW7 members recommend this faciliy.  Nino Papadopolus is the proprietor and has generously contributed his facility to DFW7 DIY/Tech Sessions many times in the past.

Lone Star Bavarian, Inc. – Fort Worth indy shop. Trent Cole, principal.

AutoScope – Some members have used the Plano location in the past and they’ve recenlty opened another facility nearby Love Field.

Classic BMW – Tom Stinton is an excellent service rep there.  Tom Bull, the crew chief can help you dyno and fine tune your car’s performance.

Towing – I recently had a good experience having one of my car towed by a flatbed truck.  Operator’s name is Navid 214–995-4496.


Local Area Vendors

Dallas Brake & Alignment – 1530 Market Center Blvd., Dallas, TX 75207, (214) 748-0887.  Mention Euro Connection sent you.

Dallas Frame & Alignment – Will do custom alignment specs if that’s what you want.

Vernon’s Alignment Services (Fort Worth) – Member comment

Magic Touch, Inc – They can do wonder for your car’s tired or damaged exterior & interior, contact James (Brodie) White at jambrowhi@yahoo.com

Collins Custom Interiors – Restored a member’s Jeep headliner for $200 turn-key, in and out in one day.

Dee’s Trim Shop – A good uphostery shop recommended by a DFW7 member.

Tin Lizzie Affairs – Another good automotive uphostery shop.  13350 Floyd Circle, Dallas, Texas 75243.  (972) 234-3791

Safelite Glass Company – (817) 652-2899, 2222 Commerce Drive, Arlington, TX 76011 *DFW7 Member Comment

Park Cities Transmission – recommended by a member who had his transmission rebuilt there.

OEM Bimmer Parts – Max is the owner and a sponsor of Bimmerboard.  Many Bimmerboard and DFW7 members have nothing but praises for Max.  Competitive price and prompt shipping.

BimmerNav – Located in Austin, Texas. Martin Bishop is the owner, you are not going to find a more helpful person and place for your BMW Bluetooth, Navigation & other electronic needs.

BMP Design – Located in Tyler, TX.  Has been serving the BMW community for 25 years.

Additional BMW Vendors

Bavarian Autosport

EAS (European Auto Source)

Bavarian Auto Recycling, Inc.


Shop your BMW related items via several Classified forums below; they are free and your listing receive more exposure.  We do not allow posting of for sale items here, posts in violation will be deleted. 

Bimmerboard For Sale Forum

Bimmerforums Classifieds

Lone Star Chapter BMW CCA Classfieds




Lone Star Chapter BMW CCA Site

RealOEM Online Parts Catalog

BMW Terms & Abbreviation

BMW FILMS – THE HIRE Ambush” featuring E38 740i Sport, “Star” featuring Madonna in E39 M5, “Chosen“, “The Follow“, “Powder Keg“, “Hostage“, “Ticker” & “Beat The Devil“.





E65/E66 – 2002 ~ Present BMW 7 Series

BimmerBoard E65/E66 Forum – Active E65/E66 Forum.

Bimmerfest E65/E66 Forum – Another active forum for E65/E66 owners.

*We need a good comprehensive DIY/Parts/Repair site for E65/E66 models. Due to the relative newness and lack of DIY activities on the latest generation of 7 Seriesl there is yet a site as comprehensive and organized like e38.org & its sister sites.


E38 – 1995 ~ 2001 BMW 7 Series

http://www.e38.org/ – Huge database for 1995 ~ 2001 BMW 7 Series, if you have an issue or question about your E38, chances are you can find your answer here.

BimmerBoard E38 Forum – Active E38 Forum.

Bimmerforums 7 Series Forum – Another active forum, now has E38 sub-forum.

E32 – 1988 ~ 1994 BMW 7 Series

http://www.e38.org/e32/ – Huge database for 1988 ~ 1994 BMW 7 Series, if you have an issue or question about your E32, chances are you can find your answer here.

BimmerBoard E32 Forum – Active E32 Forum

Bimmerforums 7 Series Forum – Another active forum for E32 owners.

Shogun’s website for the 7 series: Shogun is truly the King of DIY when it comes to E32’s.

Johan & Sean’s E32 page: Covers major repairs. Also see under links the websites of other E32 related issues.


E23 – 1978 ~ 1987 BMW 7 Series

http://www.e38.org/e23/ – Large database for 1978 ~ 1987 BMW 7 Series, if you have an issue or question about your E23, chances are you can find your answer here.

David Cecil’s 1986 735i Restoration

BimmerBoard E23 Forum – Active E23 Forum

Bimmerforums 7 Series Forum – Another active forum for E23 owners.


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