Current Active Member Count:  95 as of 8/08/2009    

Please email: James Lin at to become a member and be included in our future event contact list.  You can cancel your membership at anytime.  The membership is FREE and you are not obligated to do anything!

Signing up with WordPress allows you to post your messages on DFW7’s website.  Just click this link below and select “Just a username, please”. (not necessary if simply want to join DFW7, email James Lin directly to join).


4 Responses to “Join Us”

  1. mcbd7 Says:

    james, etal
    the new site looks sweet

  2. dfw7mancho Says:

    still much a work in progress, James is super content man, and we’ll toss him a bone for that ride of his too! 😀

  3. darkknight74 Says:

    I like the Site nice is there going to be a DFW contact section for those of us who want to post our info

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